How Nigerians Fared with Telexfree



Telexfree came to Nigeria like a real good business by which some people started to make a living. Deep into the money-making programme however, they came to realise that Telefree is a scam.

If you live in Nigeria and are involved in Telexfree business, leave a comment on how the business went for you.

Let’s take the case of Luis Gallego, a father of two sons who lives in USA. Together with other immigrants, he had joined the Telefree business, hoping to make at least $400 each month. No doubt, he was having financial struggles and this seemed like the easy way out.

When he saw that people were getting money out of Telexfree, he decided to join. He had seen website reviews of how people made money from Telefree, he had seen positive Youtube videos inviting interested people to join, so he made a move and joined, for fear of peer pressure.

He invested $1,500.

He said he woke at 4.30 in the morning to place ‘adverts’ before heading to his other job, which he worked at until 8 or 9 pm.

Later, he and his wife invested more, up to $5,000.

But problems started.

Soon, the owners and management of the Telexfree business were apprehended by the authorities and the network was declared as scam.

He lost almost all the money he invested.

In Nigeria, some of those who have invested in Telexfree have also lost money but are not happy to come out and tell others about it. The business network came to Nigeria and left only after about a year.

If you were involved in the business of Telexfree, what were your experiences?

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